Monday, May 5, 2014

Wanting to be a Member?

We at Slane Craft Collective are looking for new full  members and associate members.  So if you make a handmade product, are local i.e Co. Meath and Co. Louth Area and are interested in joining out team of designers and creators. Send us a description of your work/your price range and your portfolio to: 

To join our team of members we are looking for a member that makes a product that is unique from are already existing members. 

Thank you...


Monday, April 7, 2014

Bee Free...

Slane Craft Collective would like to introduce 'Bee Free Kids Clothing' the bright and colourful range of cheerful and hard wearing clothing is now in-store and is guaranteed to make you and your little explorers smile.

'100% Irish Bee Free Kids Clothing offers a range of children’s fleece clothing that are as colourful, distinctive & unique as your little one. Our clothing lets kids play, explore, to be themselves & bee free. Beautifully designed & handcrafted in The Boyne Valley, Ireland the collection includes dresses, hoodies, poncho’s & snuggle wraps that kids love. Inspired by Celtic pixies, flower fairies, dinosaurs, rocketships, the sea, the sky & everything in between! Lots more clothing & accessories on the way…' 

'Bee Free Kids Clothing was founded by Caoimhe Tuthill, a ballet dancing, stilt walking, archaeologist who spent 10 happy mucky years digging for treasure. Unfortunately along came the recession, then came redundancy so it was time to hang up my hard hat and put away my trusty trowel and to try something totally different. 
So how does someone who hasn’t a notion about sewing start designing and making children’s clothing and accessories? I have always loved design, art, colour, crafts, textiles and experimenting with different materials so I started thinking of possibilities... 
I am very lucky to be Mama to an absolutely gorgeous wee gal and I noticed that at a very young age the kid’s clothes seemed to change from bright vibrant colours to a more grown up, conservative look. I love seeing kids in clothing that allows them to play, to have fun, to jump in puddles & to explore the great outdoors without restrictions. I love having pockets for their treasures, hoods for cosiness and making clothes that are as unique, colourful and distinctive as they are themselves.So with that in mind I decided to call on the skills of my talented and patient Mam who gave me a crash (and very frustrating!) course in dress making and with the help of my Papa’s 40 year old sewing machine I started designing and making kids clothing...'

Monday, February 10, 2014

Love is in the Air....

So Friday is St. Valentine's Day, the day that around the world is celebrated for been the day of romantic love! It is the day that 'lovers' are supposed to express their love with flowers, cards and confectionary. Gone are the days of hand written love notes and now the mass produced cards have taken over Valentines day. But here at Slane Craft Collective we have a selection of hand produced individual and unquie cards truely made with lots of t.l.c waiting for you to purchase so in your pursit for a Valentines card or gift make sure to call into Slane Craft Collective. Or perhaps just treat yourself to your own Valentines day gift! 

But most of all make sure to try and enjoy your day on friday, and have a good day!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

S.C.C Looking for New Members

We at Slane Craft Collective are looking for new members.  So if you make a handmade product, are localish and are interested in joining out team of designers and creators. Send us your portfolio of work to: 

Joining our team of members includes working once every two weeks in our store, we are looking for a member that makes a product that is unique from are already present members. 

Thank you...


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas is Coming....

Slane Craft Collective is in Christmas Mode, and new Christmas Stock is arriving in the shop at a daily basis, the crafters are in elf mode busy working away and making beautiful decorations and gifts for all....Come inside the shop today to find them all.